What kind of orthodontic treatment is suitable for you?

If you are having problem of bad bite or there is misalignment in your teeth due to some injury or due to some other reasons then perhaps you need the orthodontic treatment soon. People who have such issues find embarrassment when they have to laugh and smile. But, rather than just feeling shy it would be better to take help of the best dental clinic, Aesthetica Dentals Sector 48, Vipul Trade Tower, Main Sohna Road Gurgaon. We are well equipped with the latest technology and modern equipments. We have a leading and expert team of dentists. The team is led by Dr. Shweta Yadav a very good experience in this field. If you have the problem of misaligned teeth then braces treatment would be the one suitable for you. But, just like the rest you may feel that this is meant for children only. Well, its time to change the myths that you have in your mind.

Candidates for Braces Treatment

It is important to note that brace treatment can be sought by anyone irrespective of the age group he falls in to. This is because; this treatment is effective even for elders. In fact, this can be the best treatment for problems like crowded teeth, misaligned teeth, bad bite issue due to uneven jaws etc. So, it really doesn’t matter whether you are a child or an elder person, you can be the viable candidate for it.

In fact, if you don’t take timely treatment then due to misaligned teeth you may end up with the problems like:

  • tooth Decay.
  • Gum Diseases.
  • Bad Oral Health.
  • Bad Breath.

Why Aesthetica Dentals Orthodontics

At Aesthetica Dentals we educate the patient completely before starting any treatment. We patiently explain each and every patient about the treatment protocols and maintenance regimen. We take complete responsibility of the treatment outcome and support the patient by periodic monitoring.

Information About Types Of Braces

Here, we provide you information about what kind of options is available in this treatment

Metal Braces- In these treatments you will see that the metal brackets would be put on the teeth and the patient has to wear them for a several number of months. This is the most popular corrective treatments. However, if you have been looking for a better option the ceramic braces would be the better option.

Ceramic Braces– If you feel that metallic braces look prominent and bit unpleasant then you can opt for this one. These are bit expensive as compared to the metallic braces but they are quite aesthetic and convenient.

Invisible Braces– These are also quite aesthetic braces and best for those who do not want to display the braces. You will see that there would be many plastic trays created for each tooth and in that fashion invisible bracing is done.

Lingual Braces– There would be metal brackets in it but the way they are installed is quite amazing. They are put from within and so they don't show up outside.

Orthodontic Braces- Caring for your teeth with braces. Proper brushing and flossing is even more important for people with braces.

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